Fast Gluten Free Pizza (from a mix)

A fun, and true guest post from the ever delightful Charity Miles (check out her lovely blog at Charity Miles Photography). And yes she’s my sister, but that doesn’t make me biased… you’ll think she’s delightful too! :)

How we survive the holidaze…And other things

They say the day before Thanksgiving is the number one day for pizza deliveries in the US. With many holiday meals and parties, there are nights when I just need to “throw something together”.

This is our family’s version of “throw it together” Pizza. Let me introduce my friend Pamela. Pamela is gluten free, she has happy little mixes that don’t fail.  No matter how hard you try (and believe me, we HAVE tried!) I can’t get one to turn out badly. So if you see a little bag on the shelf of “Pamela’s Mix” go ahead and grab it, it’s great.

The other night I made pizza, I was so tired, I prepared the mix for eggless bread recipe on the wrong side of the bag and it still turned out great! Even though I didn’t listen and added eggs. See, I told you it was indestructible.

So mix up your bag of mix, according to the directions on the bag, whichever version you choose, I might suggest you don’t use the waffle mix for pizza although, I’m sure it would be delicious. It might not work the best. So, as I was saying, mix up your package according to the directions. Squish it onto your pizza stone/pan/tray/kid’s head (just making sure you were paying attention).

As I said before, I am bad at following directions, so I let the dough rise, added toppings and baked it. It works better if you add toppings after you bake the crust. My family can’t always wait that long, so we improvise. For my Martha Stewart version I use my homemade canned spaghetti sauce with garden grown tomatoes, for my holiday version, I buy a jar of Newman’s Own whatever flavor suits your palette. Throw on some mozzarella cheese, and some random toppings (ours vary, depending on what cabinet I open and start dumping from). One of my boys’ favorites is ham and pineapple. I like this because pineapple has bromelain, which is great for those gooey heads and runny noses during the winter months.

Once your kiddos have picked off all the toppings, quickly add more and throw your pizza in the oven. Bake as directed or, until your hubby yells from the other end of the house, “Is the pizza burning? Good thing I checked, it would have been charcoal!” This is when as a homeschooling family we introduce the lesson of the burnt offerings in the Bible…anyways, back to the pizza.

Cut, plate, eat, repeat. Enjoy.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?Pizza 01-4 Pizza 01-1 Pizza 01-2 Pamela's Pizza from a mix


  1. This was fun to read again! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

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