Project List- Making the List (January Cure)

Welcome to Day 5 of the Apartment Therapy January Cure Adventures at Stitching Hearts Together! To check out the challenge (and see the posts to date), go here.

The first mission was a natural for me- “Make a list of all the things you’ve put off and that aren’t working for you…” Actually it was “Make a Project List” :)

It was a new way to look at it for me, walking one room at a time looking for solutions not just problems. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a true optimist and have been Pollyanna for my ability to find good in all kinds of things, but when I would look around my house I noticed there were things I had “tuned out” and just didn’t notice anymore or things I knew weren’t working, but wasn’t sure how to fix them. This list was about projects and solutions.

Things as simple as “fix the wobbly doorknob that I’m always worried is about to fall out on the kids bedroom door” to “renovate my bedroom completely” ended up on the list. :) It was fun looking around and finding things I want to be better. It was also a little overwhelming so I was really glad they mention we aren’t going to tackle the whole project list this month! Here’s part of my list…

Utility Room:

  • Make an “outbound” shelf (which is one of the January Cure challenges)
  • Fix Coat Hooks (area gets too cluttered)
  • Put the pull string back on the light (it was accidentally pulled off by an enthusiastic kid and requires a ladder)
  • De-clutter cabinets over washer/dryer


  • Scan boxes of papers that I need to keep recycle/shred the ones I can.
  • Find better looking storage solutions for the room.

The “Nook”

  • Clear and clean fridge tops
  • Clear, clean, re-organize baker’s rack
  • Eliminate extra bookshelf or cupboard


  • spackle holes and spots
  • freshen paint on walls
  • finish spice shelves
  • hang pot rack. I am SO excited about the huge cupboard this will open up for me!
  • Find a new “chicken bucket” (kitchen scraps for chickens) and possibly a new place to keep it.
  • Put up magnetic knife holderĀ  & new storage rails
  • Clean kitchen ceiling

Living Room

  • Clean carpets (I try to do it seasonally, more realistically it happens a couple times a year)
  • Rearrange furniture to open up light from bay window and make more seating and visiting area.
  • Go through books pass on the ones we’ve read, keep the classics and treasures.
  • Hang lace panels on windows
  • Clearing the tops of shelves and things to open up space for photos and art

Master Bedroom

  • Some major furniture changes coming, reworking it as an office/bedroom but still trying to keep the relaxing sleepy place feel.
  • Need a clothes storage solution…
  • Fix (create) jewelry storage

Bathroom (we just have one)

  • Add some green (plant(s))
  • Clear out extra toiletries- donate, share or give away

Kid’s Bedroom (the kids that are in here, both have the same favorite color- red, so we’re trying to personalize it and have fun without painting the walls red- their suggestion)

  • Little Man’s clothes are getting bigger… Need a little more drawer space or a better solution for him
  • Some window treatments or curtains to liven up the room
  • Clean the walls and window frames
  • Fix the doorknob

All over the place

  • Clean all the windows, inside and out
  • Make sure things headed out, actually get out of the house. :)

While it is intimidating (especially considering it doesn’t include outside or farm projects) I like that I can choose a few things that will have the most impact and slowly work through the list. When my excitement starts to flag, I can revisit this list and find new inspiration… I think I’ll try to find some fun pics that show ideas and start a new board on Pinterest!

What’s on your project list? Top of the list?


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