Making Traditional Beet Kvass

Beet kvass! One of those unique drinks that 15 years ago, I wouldn’t imagine I’d be not only drinking, but making… Regularly! However, when you learn about the health benefits and how easy it is to make, you just might find yourself enjoying it too! :)

I find it to be more of a health tonic than a go to beverage, but I love it mixed with other flavors and have come to really enjoy it even plain. The amazing dark pink color of the kvass is especially beautiful when blended with milk kefir- a hot pink drink that’s amazingly good for you! :)

The why to:

Beet Kvass is one of the amazing traditional foods that has gotten lost in our culture over the generations. It is amazing for liver support and blood purification. It has a reputation for detoxifying very effectively and even balancing out digestion. It contains no sugars, but lots of cultured good guys, probiotics and beneficial microorganisms. Beets are naturally anti-carcinogenic meaning that they can help fight cancers. When you add in the detoxifying and liver supporting benefits of the cultured kvass you have a big winner.

Beets are good for the blood and beet kvass is helpful in preventing and treating iron deficiencies. The list of things beet kvass is useful for goes on and on. :) A couple resources if you want to do more research are linked below.

So… are you ready to try something unique and adventurous? Make kvass with me and tell me what’s your favorite benefit or favorite way to drink it!

making traditional beet kvass


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  1. I’ve been making beet kvass for years, but have recently discovered I am dairy intolerant, so I would like to try making this with a bit of probiotic powder in place of the whey. Since mine is in powder form, I wonder if you would have any idea how many CFUs I would be looking to add? I have a special set of measuring spoons that range from 6+ billion CFUs all the way up to 100+ billion CFUs.


    • Thank you for the question… I’m not sure exactly amounts but when I’ve made it with starter or when I’ve used probiotic capsules in other things I’ve used one capsule, mostly for simplicity’s sake. Besides culturing much faster I don’t think there would be a disadvantage or problem with having too many so I would personally err on the side of more and taste it more often along the way. If it’s in a warm place and has a hearty does of probiotics to help culture it, it could be ready as quickly as 24-48 hours. Please let us know how it goes and what you discover! I’d love to have to info to share with others! :)

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