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Adventures thumbAdventures with Kids Series of e-books:

The dictionary defines adventure as: an exciting or extraordinary event or series of events. An undertaking involving uncertainty and risk. To dare to go somewhere new or engage in something unknown.

Yes, that sounds just like life with kids- full of wonder and excitement and a bit of uncertainty and risk! A wonderful, challenging, rewarding adventure! I want to share what I’ve learned on my adventures, with you!

About the book, In the Kitchen:

In Adventures with Kids! In the Kitchen author Chara Shopp encourages and teaches you when, how and why to bring your kids into the kitchen. You will learn:

  • Why you want your kids in the kitchen with you (more reasons than you might suspect), there are big benefits!
  • When to train your children
  • The step by step process for teaching culinary skills to your children
  • How to pass on the skills used in a real food kitchen- soaking, sprouting, culturing, and more! (Don’t worry, she’ll teach you first!)
  • Age appropriate ideas for things kids can do in your kitchen (printable)
  • Another printable list of over 140 kitchen skills to learn and practice!

And more…

Chara uses her sense of humor and practical experience as a teacher and mother of 3 to help you and your family succeed with real food cooking. Whether you are a gourmet cook or just learning, you will find practical ideas and suggestions for how to get your kids cooking, culturing, cleaning and
celebrating their time in the kitchen!
82 pages / Retail Value: $14.95

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On the Farm- Growing the Next Generation of Real Food Lovers

  • What are you teaching your kids
  • How to train your kids to help
  • What are the benefits of kids helping on the farm
  • Entrepreneurial ideas for kids on an urban farm or homestead
  • What can the kids actually do- you may be surprised!

Including Age Appropriate Activity suggestion lists included in every book!

Adventures with Kids in Real Life!

Adventures with Kids in Real Life!